The opportunity to earn money has arrived! One-day express parcel delivery service to Recruitment of mass couriers is open. 

Need a courier in Bangkok and vicinity

Minimum income 300 baht per day

+ Bonus 4 baht per kilometer (from leaving home)

+ Work received 15 baht per point and telephone fee 3 baht per point (average pick-up and drop-off work 10-20 points per day)

More details

Income conditions

  1. Earn 300 baht per day
  2. Receive a bonus of 4 baht per kilometer (from the moment you leave home)
  3. Receive from work received 15 baht per point and telephone fee 3 baht per point (pick-up and drop-off work totaling about 10-20 points per day)

Calculation example

Starting at 300 baht
Suppose a 15-point run.
The distance from leaving home to returning home is 200 kilometers.
300+(15*18)+(200*4) = 1370 Baht

Job Description

1. Love service, must take good care of products, do not kick, do not throw.
2. Distance calculation will be done using the program specified by the Company only.
3. If you have to take a leave of absence, you must inform 1 day in advance (before midnight).
4. COD (Collect on Destination) must be transferred in full on the same day only.
5. If the shipment cannot be delivered within the day, the item must be refrigerated for essential goods or delivered to the office.
6. There is a working insurance fee starting at 500 baht and collecting 500 baht per week until 2,000 baht (transfer money back when the contract is canceled).
7. Pay every week, working Monday - Sunday (pay Tuesday)
8. There are penalties In case of failure to do as specified by the Company.

How many days a week do you work?

Work 6 days a week (Closed on Sundays)
Working time 8:00-20:00 (If the product is delivered quickly, you can return early)

Items to be received for use in work

  1. Driving jacket
  2. Large foam box for packing parcels Temperature Control
  3. Car Sticker (Temporary)