Terms of Use

1. Types of delivery served

        The company provides general and chilled transportation services only.

1.1. In case of temperature-controlled delivery, the product must be refrigerated at a temperature of 0-8 degrees Celsius for at least 1 hour.
1.2. Products must be stored at the temperature specified by the company which is 0-8 degrees Celsius before shipment and must have a shelf life of more than 24 hours and more than 48 hours for express delivery and delivery before noon the next day.
Meat products Some items can be delivered and must be maintained at 0-8 degrees Celsius, such as crab meat. Salmon, Wagyu beef The company will consider each product individually.
1.4. The company reserves the right to deliver products on office buildings, shopping malls, condominiums, apartments, flats, hospitals or buildings that need to be delivered from the 2nd floor onwards. The consignee must come down to pick up the product at the pick-up point or on the 1st floor of the building only.


2. Packaging

        The goods must be properly packaged by packaging. as follows

2.1. The product can be put in a carrying bag. But it must only be used appropriately on certain products.
2.2. In the case of cakes, only boxes where the cake can be seen and must not be practiced on top of each other.
In case of multiple items but delivered in one place, they must be packed together or put in a box together.
In case of cold delivery, it must not be packed into foam boxes.
In case the product is fragile, pack it in a box with foam cushioning and clearly indicate the front of the box to be careful.
2.6. In the case of cake or bakery products that require special care. It must be put in a packaging that can see the product. And do not stack them on top of each other. In the case of several pieces. Only 1 piece per bag is required.

3. Prohibited goods cannot be sent according to the following items.

3.1. Animals, living things, plant remains, animal remains, human remains
3.2. All weapons, firearm imitations
Pornography  Pirated items
Important government documents, ID cards, house registrations, land title deeds, etc.
chemicals Poisons, hazardous materials.
. Products that may cause explosion or cause sparks, such as flammable materials, spray cans, etc.

4. Packages not covered by warranty

        Products that can be delivered but are not covered by damage They are listed below.

4.1. Products or foods that last less than 24 or 48 hours if you use the service before noon the next day.From the time the shipper delivers the goods to the company.
4.2. Products or food packaged in inappropriate containers or packaging Risk of damage
4.3. Products that customers pack themselves inside foam boxes using insufficient or improper cooling materials.
4.4. Items outside the Conditions of Carriage
4.5. Frozen products that must be stored at a temperature lower than 0 degrees Celsius as listed below.
4.5.1. ice cream
4.5.2.meat Frozen Sea Meat
4.5.3.Other items that must be in frozen transport
4.6. Some types of cake products such as lava cake, ice cream cake Smashed cake Three-dimensional cake consisting of a doll set, etc. Check out more cake and bakery items.

5. Amendment of Shipping and Cancellation Information

     Correction of delivery information You can request to change delivery information via Line OA or contact the company's number directly 02-0266848. Notice of correction before 8:00 a.m. In case of notification after this period, it can still be amended but the package will be delivered again the next day instead. 

     Cancellations can be made before 10:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. for the first and second admission rounds respectively, or until the pick-up (in case of overtime). If cancelled after this time The company will not be able to refund the service fee. 

     In the event that the maker has already received the product and found that the customer wants to cancel the shipment, which causes the received product to not meet the minimum order conditions for receipt. We will charge only a 30-baht admission fee, for example, if the sender has booked 3 items which do not have an admission fee, but when 1 item is canceled, the sender will not be charged.  We will refund the shipping fee by deducting the pick-up fee of 30 baht before refund.

6. Finished Delivery means

        Shipping is considered finished. When the goods are delivered to the consignee's address as specified in the waybill, or in case the recipient is not ready to receive the goods, the company must obtain permission from the consignee or shipper to deliver the goods to another person at the place of residence, such as relatives, security guards, or juristic person offices, service offices. 

7. Delayed delivery means

        Delayed delivery The company has a policy to refund customers 100% of the payment amount of such items, but does not include:

7.1. In case of overtime delivery caused by claims from the Customer. It is not considered a case of late delivery.
7.2. In case of late delivery but the customer refuses to receive the goods. The company will be responsible for the transportation cost including the case of damaged products, will be considered on a case-by-case basis. In addition, customers can change the delivery location of the new parcel.
. In case of delayed delivery, the Goods are spoiled due to the Goods having a shelf life less than the specified amount. The Company is not responsible for the cost of such damages. In addition to goods damaged by transportation only.

8. Unsuccessful delivery means

Delivery unsuccessful In case of postponement of receipt of goods or in case of inability to contact both the recipient and the sender of origin, the Company will be considered as a case of Failed Delivery.

8.1. We will process the delivery of the goods 3 times within 5 days without additional charge.
8.2. In case the consignee's information from the shipper is incorrect or incomplete. The company will hold the product for further information to be delivered to the consignee within 5 days.
8.3. We
Damage from the second shipment is not guaranteed in case of caused by the recipient, such as postponing the receipt of the product. Can't get in touch  The customer could not be found at the address.
8.4. In case the recipient refuses to receive the goods. We will contact the sender again for further action.

In the case of the shipper, the goods shall be restored to the origin, it will be considered as a correction of the new delivery address information to the origin.
In the event that the Company is unable to contact both the recipient and the sender for delivery in all cases, the Company reserves the right not to be responsible for damage or loss of the parcel and reserves the right to handle the parcel as appropriate.
In case of inability to contact both the recipient and sender It will be considered as an unsuccessful case immediately.