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The price is based on the size of the parcel. Weight up to 25 kg. Free pick-up service when more than 3 items are delivered.


The package arrives at its destination within the same day. Morning and evening delivery, guaranteed delivery time within the day. If delivery is late than the deadline, 100% money back guaranteed.


Transport with care like Food Grade Delivery, take good care of it, do not kick, do not throw. Temperature control service is suitable for food, bakery, fruit.



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Parcel delivery fee schedule

Express delivery service within Bangkok and vicinity

Frequently asked questions

You can register on our website here.

1. Book the service by sending the transportation information according to the template before the scheduled pick-up time of the service day.

2. Inform the pick-up point and number of packages

3. The staff will pick up the goods and parcels according to the specified time cycle and deliver them within one day.

4. Pay the service fee after receiving the invoice. When the transport is concluded at the end of the day.

You can check the rates on the Rates page.

After the package is sent out, there will be a confirmation email along with the tracking number. SHIPPERS CAN CHECK IT THROUGH MAKESEND'S WEBSITE ON THE CHECK DELIVERY STATUS PAGE.

The company guarantees and indemnifies the loss according to the value of the product in the amount not exceeding 3,000 baht, whereby the sender must claim the damaged or lost product within 24 hours after receiving the product.

The MAKESEND transport team has both our own main car and auxiliary vehicles for the fastest distribution possible. Therefore, all products can be guaranteed to be delivered on the same day. However, if there is a delay caused by the shipping team, MAKESEND will refund 100% of the service and deliver the product again on the next business day according to the delivery period no later than 6.00 p.m. without additional charge.

There will be a pick-up fee of 30 baht per time, or sending 3 or more items will be free of charge due to the large number of people interested in using the service, so we limit the application for walk-in services. If customers are interested and want to start trying the service, please type "Interested in using the service" and inform the type of product you want to ship. The estimated number of boxes and the date of delivery via inbox will be contacted by a staff member to process and request more information.

We pick up packages with no minimum limit and charge 30 baht per pick-up. But if you send 3 or more packages. Free parcel pickup service is available throughout Bangkok and its vicinity.

If you want to open a COD account
Please send a copy of your POC card and a copy of the book bank with the same name to the company via email [email protected] to request approval to open an account. The team will contact you to confirm the approval within 1 business day.
3% service charge is based on COD amount charged (minimum 25 baht) The account will be finalized and transferred to the customer within the day after the parcel is delivered (only in cases that have been successfully delivered).

1. Makesend is a parcel delivery service provider within Bangkok Same Day, which currently covers only Bangkok and vicinity.

2. Delivery means all documents and packages sent on the invoice by Make Sense. Whether by air, road or with any other type of transport, Mechsense acts as a broker of transportation between the Shipper and any shipping company, hereinafter referred to as the "Courier Company" as determined by the Shipper, or as Mechsense deems appropriate. The carriage of all goods will be carried out under the initial responsibility, limited herein, with compensation of limited value on a case-by-case basis. If the courier needs additional coverage on delivery, they can contact for additional payment for insurance.