5 auspicious trees that are becoming highly popular in Thailand

Palo (Nong Phalo)

Palo (Nong Phalo)


Not so long ago, there was news about trees  that can generate income for growers. Prices start from hundreds of thousands to millions of baht. It is a factor from those who believe that auspicious trees and rare trees will enhance the auspiciousness in various aspects of life, help prosperity, fame and bring good luck to the family. The most popular ones in Thailand are: 

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1. Philodendron
Philodendron Philodendron Drone

         A highly popular and auspicious tree that is commonly grown indoors such as Philodendron , which has branched into the spotted yellow Red Congo  and spotted orange stem varieties. It has a high price of 120,000-200,000 baht because it is a  wood that grows easily in all areas.   The origin of Philodendron is a living plant with other   trees, but for these 2 species can grow from the ground into potted plants. It is an auspicious plant because of its leaf shape and golden yellow stalk. It also has spotted patterns that are considered extremely rare. 

2. Spotted banana
banana musa Spotted banana Auspicious Tree

          Spotted banana wood is gaining high popularity among tree buyers, which gives auspicious in many ways, including prices that exceed millions of baht. It is broken into several breeds, but the most popular and very high price. There are 4 varieties, namely Florida spotted banana, Indo red spotted banana, spotted banana and spotted banana, each of which is distributed in Asia and Europe. 

3.Bon color
Bon color Caladium bicolor

        Bonsi is an ornamental and auspicious plant that has been around for more than 140 years, it is believed to be well grown indoors. Bringing good things to homeowners , Bonsi is regarded as the queen of leafy plants with prices starting from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of baht. Commonly grown in houses and important places,   it is classified as one of the auspicious trees with high price.  

4. Black moon spotted charm

Spotted black          moon charm is another auspicious plant with triangular and slender leaves Along with beautiful  colors in the group of moon charm will be popular such as spotted black moon charm, topaz moon charm, gold sparkling moon charm - star sparkle and red moon charm, etc.      

5. Monstera
Monstera auspicious wood

Monstera is a famous air purifying plant and has split its crest into         48 species. The breed  will only be the most popular 7. Species In addition to its air purification benefits, it is also considered one of the auspicious plants that will represent prosperity. It grows excellently and is easy to grow. It is considered a high-priced auspicious plant that starts from tens of thousands to millions of baht. 

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