8 advantages of drinking fruit juices #พะโล้รีวิว fresh farm, fresh fruit and vegetable juice, delicious and beneficial to meet the needs of health lovers.

Palo (Nong Phalo)

Palo (Nong Phalo)


          In an era where everyone is becoming more interested in loving health. Whether it's a fitness trend that doesn't hold back or a clean eating trend that is super healthy. Another indispensable trend is the inevitable drinking of fresh juice. 

Fresh fruit juice Fruit juice

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          When modern people become more conscious of their own health. Health products are even more available. To answer the health line. It is evident from the market that most stores have started to sell health products. The next thing I knew, there were a lot of organic products on the market. Each brand uses its own natural ingredients as a selling point.

          For the new generation of health lovers. In addition to paying attention to food choices, choosing fresh fruit juices is also a popular thing. Drinking freshly squeezed fruit juice is very beneficial for the younger generation in society right now. Drinking fresh fruit juice is the best solution for our health lovers.

Drinking fresh fruit juice farmsod fresh juice freshly squeezed fruit juice

          In addition to feeling the taste of real fruit. We also get nutrients and vitamins from fruits and vegetables in full, which benefits fresh fruits and vegetables are different from boxed fruit juices that may contain sugar. The advantages of drinking freshly squeezed fruit are as follows:

8 Advantages of drinking fresh juice
High Vitamin C

          At present Drinking fruit and vegetable juice is one option that will make the body get more vitamin C than other foods because fruits and vegetables are high in vitamin C and fiber. Fruits and vegetables are therefore an important food source and have great benefits for the human body.

Get full nutrition

          Eating fresh fruits and vegetables or drinking unprocessed fruits and vegetables will cause them to not be dissolved from various processing processes until they lose their nutritional value. So it gives humans good nutritional value . Eating and drinking fruit and vegetable juice will provide our body with natural sugars from fruits (fructose and sucrose) and nutrients as well.

Modify the taste to your liking.

          Fruits and vegetables that we see in everyday life It can create vitamins and can be squeezed into a very wide variety of drinks. We can mix and squeeze different fruits and vegetables together. You can also design flavors to your liking, such as oranges, carrots, passion fruit, celery, strawberries, beetroot, avocados, and many more fruits and vegetables. We can also significantly reduce boredom from drinking one juice. Drinking juice continuously also provides us with a variety of nutrients.

fruit juice Farmsod fruit juice

Helps balance the excretory system.

          Drinking freshly squeezed juice Contributes to the enhancement of the intestinal system . This makes bowel movements easier so it can reduce constipation. Drinking freshly squeezed fruit juice continuously on a regular basis helps maintain a balance for the intestinal system to function at full capacity.

Helps control weight for those who want to control their weight or lose weight.

          Drinking freshly squeezed fruit juice without sugar and drinking the right amount each day will help us get sweetness from the taste or sugar from fruits in nature, reducing cravings for sweets that have higher sugar and calories than the body needs in 1 day.

Rich in fiber

          Fiber is not a nutrient, but a phytochemical, or substance present in fruits and vegetables, whose properties are responsible for the clearance of sugar. Fat, cholesterol or carcinogens are also well removed from the body.


Radiant skin

          Drinking fruit and vegetable juice regularly will help make the skin radiant and healthy because the nutrients in many fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamin C and vitamin E . It looks fuller, brighter, more charming, and smoother.

The digestive system works better.

          Drinking freshly squeezed fruits and vegetables contributes to the efficient functioning of the digestive system. This makes it easier for the body to absorb essential nutrients. We should drink fruit and vegetable juice in the morning because fruit and vegetable juice will help cleanse various systems within the body. Makes the body feel energized and alert. And more energetic. Therefore, drink about 10 minutes before breakfast or after meals each day. A little by little sip of water to increase the enzymes in the food to help the stomach digest better.

          At present, life is more hectic . Buying fruit juice is another option that many people are interested in.People choose to take care of their health. 

farmsod juice fresh fruit and vegetable juice

          Today #พะโล้รีวิว I would like to offer a new option for health lovers who don't have time, which is real fresh fruit and vegetable juice from natural ingredients from FarmSeed. Fresh Farm Juice Whoever doesn't live fresh farms is definitely fresh. 

  • Made from fresh fruits and vegetables with carefully selected raw materials for consumers.
  • No color added No flavor added. No preservatives added.
  • Definitely not disappointed with the taste.
  • Manufactured in accordance with food standards (FDA)
  • Through pasteurization Not heated. No sugar added. Does not mix water.
  • Delicious, fresh, clean, safe, quality every bottle.
  • Can be stored in the refrigerator below 4 degrees. 14-21 days
  • Extend shelf life when stored in the freezer That's my trick. Finfer is right.
  • Available in 10 flavors Delicious every day without getting bored.

Farmsod juice fresh juice

  1. Avocado + passion fruit
  2. Strawberry + Goji Berry
  3. Beetroot + passion fruit
  4. Mixed fruits
  5. Carrot + passion fruit
  6. orange
  7. guava
  8. Gotu Kola
  9. Passion
  10. ruby

          Although Phalo is a carnivorous tiger, Phalo loves health and chooses fruits and vegetables that are rich in good nutrients. Freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice from Farmsod is a good choice for those who want to take advantage of fruits and vegetables and want convenience. Friends don't have to buy vegetables or fruits to wash and cut mess around.

Farmsod's fruit and vegetable juice can be eaten without guilt. The taste is sweet from a full natural source. Make sure it's easy to eat. All tastes are delicious, and fresh, clean, and definitely good for everyone's health. For those who love health and are hesitant to buy, Phalo says you can't miss it.

          The shop Farmsod also offers a one-day express delivery service even via MAKESEND that will deliver everything on the same day! Friends can be sure that the important value and nutrients will not disappear anywhere, I assure you that every bottle of juice will remain cold and fresh until your customers.

farmsod juice fresh fruit and vegetable juice

          You can easily buy Farmsod Farm Fresh through leading department stores such as Tops Market, Tesco Lotus, Big C, The Mall or order through delivery directly to the freshness of fresh farm juice . Easily reach your hand at home via 

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