Beginner's Edition! It's easy to start selling on your website online.

6 Tips to Start Selling Online
Palo (Nong Phalo)

Palo (Nong Phalo)


In the digital age, people are increasingly turning to online shopping because it is convenient, effortless, time-saving and easier. Therefore, selling on online websites has become another path to the wealth of online merchants.

Many people want to sell online, but don't know where to start. Today, we would like to share some simple steps and ways to start selling online.

1. Start by finding products to sell.

It is not limited to products that are objects, but also services that will facilitate various aspects of customers.

  • If you are skilled in baking, you can sell sweets online .
  • If you have the ability to repair or install anything, then you can set up an online store to provide that service.

2. Name your online store

A good store name should be given not too long and should be a name that can immediately describe our products or services, which are usually 2-4 syllables long.

  • Rain Pet Shop
  • Kasem eject house
  • Benzac perfume

All clearly convey what products or services are being sold. Whether it's pet products. Home restructuring services and various fragrance brands

3. Explore sales channels

Customer behavior studies
Customer behavior studies

Once we know what to sell and to whom to sell. Later, we can explore which channels our customers tend to use when shopping.

If you're selling second-hand products, you need to find out where you can buy second-hand products online. By acting as a customer, you will find that the website and Facebook channels are the most popular channels for people to buy second-hand products, etc.

4. Marketing plan for opening a new store

It's not going to be good. If you just open a shop and sell at the normal price, because selling online is quite competitive. Customers have a lot of options, so selling online should have good promotions and always know how to adjust their marketing plan, such as:  

  • Selling good quality products at special prices to celebrate the opening of a new store.
  • Accumulating points for members to use as a special discount on your next purchase.
  • Giving away free bestsellers in exchange for likes and shares to reach more people.

All these marketing plans to make your online store widely known.

5. Choose a payment method and delivery method that is easy for customers.

The easier it is to pay. The faster the product is received, the better the customer will be satisfied. Therefore, online sales should prepare several payment channels such as:

  • Bank Transfer
  • Transfer via PromptPay
  • Credit Card Payment
  • PayPal
  • Rabbit line pay
  • True wallet

As for shipping, there should also be an option for customers. To facilitate customers who need products urgently and customers who want to pay for delivery at affordable prices and can wait for products. All of the above is an aid to meet all the needs of customers as well.

6. One-day delivery to


Makesend delivers everything a day to
Makesend delivers everything a day to
  • Transportation Service Providers Parcels in Bangkok and vicinity
  • fruit 
  • fresh food
  • seafood
  • Cooked food
  • drink
  • Bakery

In addition, if sending 3 or more pieces. The staff will pick up the free package to your home. And after receiving the money from the recipient, MAKESEND will transfer the money to the merchant system immediately, so there is no need to wait for money long to worry about the financial liquidity of the store.

MAKESEND charges will be based on package size, starting at 40 baht with a maximum weight of 25 kilograms per shipment.


Selling online, while not easy, is not too difficult. If you pay attention to details and constantly learn new things. Especially online marketing plans, new technologies related to payment and shipping, all of which are important to drive your online store to be known and have more sales continuously.

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