Techniques for feeding your cat that are appropriate for their age The kitten is definitely healthy.

Palo (Nong Phalo)

Palo (Nong Phalo)

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          When it comes to popular pets, I believe that there must be a name for the cat. Nowadays, it is undeniable that there are many cat slaves emerging. Because in addition to the cuteness of cats. Some cats are so docile and intuitive that many people are fascinated by them. But to keep your cats with us for a long time, it's important to take care of your cat's health, and one way to help keep your cat healthy is to provide age-appropriate food to keep your cat healthy in the long run, especially kibble and barf , which are popular choices for cat owners.

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Age-appropriate feeding techniques for your cat The kitten is definitely healthy.
Cats from birth to 12 months

         For newborn cats At first, kittens should eat 3-5 meals a day, but divided into small meals, with a day should eat about 250 grams of food, which is more than other cats of this age. Cats at this age need nutrients like calcium and phosphorus to strengthen their bones and teeth, as well as plenty of protein to thrive.

Adult cats or 1 – 6 years old

          Protein and calcium remain the most important nutrients for cats at this age, but fiber intake should be increased to support digestive performance. In addition, cats at this age need vitamins and fatty acids to support the functioning of the immune system in the body. Adult cats need 130-150 grams of food per day. The size and breed of the cat as well.

Old cats or cats aged 7 years and over

          The average age of cats is usually 10-15 years old. Your cat's nutrition at this age will not focus on high-energy foods because of the slow movement. The metabolism is low, but even then it needs protein and calcium to support the immune system and bones. Includes fiber that helps the digestive system work better.

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If you are a cat slave, don't forget to use these good techniques to feed your beloved cat for long-term health, and for any cat slave who prefers to order cat food at home, especially barf food that needs to focus on freshness. Don't forget to opt for fresh food delivery from MAKESEND, a courier company that is ready to deliver parcels and food to you quickly. Fast delivery within 1 day Importantly, fresh food delivery is also available in both temperature-controlled and non-temperature-controlled options. TO GIVE YOU CONFIDENCE EVERY TIME YOU CHOOSE TO USE MAKESEND'S SHIPPING SERVICES.

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